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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I KNEW IT!!!!!

From The New York Times: "Click, Clack, Ding! Sigh..." : The Digital Generation Rediscovers Typewriters.

And Karen has been been giving me such a hard time about it. That's one of the bits of writing that keeps getting preempted by Otogu: I keep meaning to do a thorough photo essay on my collection. I have about 60 manual typewriters in storage right now, ranging from an 1895 Underwood on up through the Olivetti Studio 45 I was using as my main writing machine until I recently switched over to a 1950 Underwood Finger-Flite.

This guy paid $150 for a 1960's SCM Galaxie II? I have about six in storage! I never liked 'em as much as the earlier Smith-Corona Sterlings and Supers, but figured they'd serve as suitable sources of donor parts, if needed.

Now where can I find fools with plenty of money...?

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