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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Deadline Reminder

The deadline for the current Friday Challenge — Ernest T. Scribbler's Unbeskorrnt Mnebeholiths: A Fanzine of Impromulgable Proportions — is 6 AM Eastern time on the morning of Friday, 17 June 2011... less than twenty-four hours away.

After the challenge was posted, Ernest added two small clarifications. Here they are again, in case anyone missed them the first time:

  • If you win with a 20K word entry I might have to serialize it, but that's still within the rules.

  • If you have stuff you could sell to Asimov's, or Analog, or Fantasy and SF, or anything that will pay you money, SEND IT THERE FIRST. I can't pay you anything, and there is no way to know whether anyone will read the fanzine.

In other words, there is no cash, there might not be any glory (although infamy seems a strong possibility), and I'm not even certain "Impromulgable" is a real word. Consider yourselves duly warned.

Entries may be added to The Friday Challenge Yahoo Group (see the appropriate directory within the "Files" section), hosted on your personal blog(s) and linked within the comments for the challenge, or copied directly into the comments section as a post.

In previous challenges, we have accommodated late entries. This time, we have no such luxury; if you post an entry much later than 6 AM Eastern time, there is a chance the judges will not be able to properly consider your work. Should you anticipate a need to snowdog, please mentally back the deadline up as much as necessary. If the deadline hits and you are very, very close, please publicly announce your intention to enter.

A winner will be declared by the evening of Sunday, 19 June 2011.
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