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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ultimate Geek Fu

The Toy That Wanted To Grow Up To Be A Movie

Henry writes: "This is the summer of the toy-based movies. (Transformers, and GI Joe is coming soon.) What toy should Hollywood give the big-budget treatment to next?"

Well. Let's consider.

Movies based on every old TV series ever made? Check. Movies based on almost every comic book ever published? Check, and both too numerous to count.

Movies based on board games? Check, Clue. Movies based on computer games? Check, Wing Commander, Doom. Movies based on rides at Disneyland? Check, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and The Haunted Mansion. (I understand that It's A Small World, After All is currently in development.) Movies based on role-playing games? Check, Dungeons & Dragons. Movies based on trading card sets? Check, Mars Attacks!

Movies based on messages found inside fortune cookies? Probably, but they won't admit it. Movies based on nonexistent toy lines that were imaginary spinoffs from fictional 1950s or 1960s television series and which subsequently became successful toy lines in their own right? Check, Toy Story.

So really, what's left? Indiana Jones and The Hungry Hungry Hippos? Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots: The Movie?

Let the arguments begin.

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