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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Friday Challenge - 7 Jan 2011

This week in The Friday Challenge

Stuart Watkinson checks in from the land of Oz about Why We Write. Funny how his inability to draw led to such colorful writing. Join the discussion...

Henry Vogel resolves to perform a feat that would leave the most hardened Army grunt shaking in his boots: Finish a Novel Without Pictures. Join this discussion… He also explains how inextricably linked his notions of written and spoken stories are in Why We Write. Join the other discussion…

Ultimate Geek Fu tackles an incredibly difficult and existential question: Is there a better B movie than Flash (“Ah-ah, he’ll save every one of us!”) Gordon? Join the discussion... And then discusses the possibility that geeks have so taken over the world that they’re irrelevant. Join the other discussion…

Kersley Fitzgerald proves that her new schedule leaves her no time to write by spamming the dickens out of the site. First, in “The Gift of Words,” she talks about how what we say and write can reach others. Join the discussion... Then she hits the new year running by messing up her New Year’s post about a holiday letter in the future by posting it late. Join the other discussion… Then she continues the tradition by posting her New Year’s Resolution a day late—and refusing to care about it. Join the other other discussion...

Finally, ~BRB temporarily lights the “Kvetching Allowed” sign as the inmates discuss the view from their respective places in the asylum (Join the discussion...), and such a plethora of challenges are given and taken that I can’t find them all. All this and more, this week in The Friday Challenge.
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