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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is Snowdog Month!

Frankly, these last six months have been absolutely batguano around here. But now that Spring is finally officially threatening to arrive, we're turning our attention to the Friday Challenge backlog.

(It was either that or turn our attention to the backyard, which as the snow melts is each day looking more like a place where we've been pasturing a quarter horse, and not merely keeping one large and overfed Labrador.)

By my reckoning we have at least six Challenges that have either never been closed or were closed but have never been judged. That reckoning may well be wrong. If you're still bearing with us — first off, THANK YOU! — and have a past challenge you're particularly interested in, please put a reminder to me in the Comments, and we'll get it settled this month.

Is The Friday Challenge returning to normal? Not exactly. Honestly, I don't think we ever will get back to our old definition of "normal." But we are actively seeking a new definition of "normal," and this is one of the first steps.

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