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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ultimate Geek-Fu

It is the 25th anniversary of a horror master's best movie.

Based on the classic short story, "The Body," the movie version featured actors who would, in short order, portray a controversial science fiction icon, a comic-book nut and vampire killer, a young Indiana Jones, and the actor whose earlier realistic portrayal of an alien-obsessed man in another film made it one of the biggest movies of the 1970s.

The protagonist of the movie is a young writer of fantastic stories.

So, with the huge number of layers of science fiction, fantasy and horror crossover, why doesn't anyone ever cosplay Stand By Me?

Speaking of the science fictions, Wil Wheaton has something entirely unrelated* to say about something.

So, 25 years after the fact, how many sci-fi, horror or fantasy crossovers can you find in this classic coming of age story?

*As in, "completely not unrelated."
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