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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Friday Challenge - 7/16/10

Kersley Fitzgerald delves into writers and the conditions under which they can actually write. Join the discussion...

Henry Vogel discusses dreams and the work required to make your dreams a reality. Join the discussion...

Splattering Guts for Fun & Profit suggests reading history as preparation for writing, while cautioning that the old saying "history is written by the victors" doesn't begin to cover the truth. Join the discussion...

Ultimate Geek Fu broaches the question on everyone's mind; new Predator or original Predator? Join the discussion...

Also, various columns and comics didn't appear due to ISP problems and trips out of town, Bandit takes the win in the July 4, 2050, greater Friday Challenge, Al wins the Road Trip lesser Friday Challenge, and the inmates discuss the view from their respective locations in the asylum. All this and more, this week in THE FRIDAY CHALLENGE.

Now for latest Friday Challenge:

"The Dilbert Days of Summer"
We have the following entries for the 7/08/10 lesser Friday Challenge:

M, "Friday Challenge entry"

Triton, "The Dilbert Days of Summer"

Unfortunately, snowdog didn't take my hint and write up the events that inspired the Dilbert comic strip and we can't count the comic strip since Scott Adams gets credit for it. So, it's down to M and Triton this week.

If we've missed any entries, or if anyone has snowdogged in an entry after the deadline, please let us know so we can fix this list. As always, even if you haven't posted an entry this week—even if you never enter in any week—you are invited to read, comment on, and vote for your favorites. Don't be shy about leaving feedback on the writer's sites, either. Writers thrive on knowing that somewhere out there, someone is actually reading the words that they have written. The winner will be announced Sunday evening.

And now for our next Friday Challenge:

"Fly Me to the Moon"

Space travel is no longer the province of governments and the solar system has been opened for exploration and exploitation. Explorers may go first, but those looking to make a buck off of the wonders of the solar system are never far behind. As space travel becomes as common as air travel was in the early 21st century, tourist spots open all over the solar system. You've been assigned to write ad copy for a new tourist destination somewhere in the solar system; you choose the spot.

Tout the wonders of your location, be it super low gravity on the moon or the wonder of watching Jupiter rise from one its moons to the thrills of flying through the asteroid belt. Is yours a luxurious destination for the rich, a fascinating family destination, or something that gets the adrenalin running? Regardless of what your tourist destination is, your job is to convince the rest of the Friday Challengers and the judges that your destination is the place to be.

As always, we're playing by the loosely enforced and rarely updated Official Rules of THE FRIDAY CHALLENGE, and playing for whatever is behind Door #3. The deadline for this one is midnight Central time, Thursday, July 22.
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