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Monday, July 26, 2010

Shift in Plans: The Friday Challenge Is Going to Dragon*Con in Atlanta

All of you are, no doubt, aware of my plans to draw as many of you as possible to Raleigh for ReConstruction, the North American Science Fiction Convention. Well, those plans have pretty thoroughly fallen through for various reasons, some related to work for various people, some related to the low anticipated turn out for ReConstruction; around 750, less than half of what I thought we'd see. Let this be a lesson to future convention planners. Never schedule your convention for the exact same dates as an established, larger convention; GenCon in this case.

Faced with these issues, we've decided to aim for Dragon*Con in Atlanta, instead. The convention runs from Friday, September 3, through Monday, September 6. This is Labor Day weekend, so many of us will already have Monday off. Mrs. ~brb has already scheduled his flight and booked a hotel for the ~brb family. Arisia will now attend Dragon*Con instead of ReConstruction. M and I will still attend ReConstruction -- it's in our backyard, after all. I will definitely attend Dragon*Con and M is hoping to join us, as well. Vidad has told me that Dragon*Con is far more likely for him than ReConstruction was (he had some lame excuse about the birth of his latest child being right about the time of the Raleigh convention).

Memberships to Dragon*Con are a flat $100, even if you register at the door on Friday. You can still preregister for the convention, you just won't get a discount for doing so. I strongly recommend you preregister if you are going to attend, as the line for registration at the door is usually painfully slow.

Most of us still haven't reserved hotel space, so if you going to be able to come, this is the time to get in on the planning to combine forces and reduce hotel costs.

So, who thinks they'll be able to join us?
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