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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flash Fiction Advisory

Flash Fic Advisory: An Introduction

The National Weather Service has not issued a single advisory on the threat of flash fiction since the Secretary of War established the agency. So I’m a-gonna issue one: flash fiction is lightning for a reader – a spectacular show, but bad landings are fatal. Much like the Good Friday Challenge of ’11, crafting flash is excellent practice in the unforgiving art of instant gratification. Whether it gets an editor to turn the page or a quick pleasure for the reader, good flash is like Iowa climate. It can brew a storm in no time. The author is a rainmaker… or soaked.

Flash Fic Advisory #1: It is better to be Thor than the lightning rod.

xdpaul's recurring, supershort weekly column focuses on insight into the practice of Flash Fiction. An unpublished novelist by pseudotrade, he mostly does flash as a writing exercise, but has had flashes published at Ideomancer, Don Muchow's Would That It Were? and Diagram's first anthology.
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