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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ultimate Geek Fu

...turns semi-serious, for just a moment. This site is supposed to be by, about, and for writers, would-be writers, and those who enjoy the work of writers.

So what have you read lately, that you've really enjoyed?

What are you reading right now? (No, of course not literally, "right now." The answer to that one is easy: this blog post. I mean, what's the book that's on your nightstand, or on the end table next to your favorite chair, or tucked into your purse or briefcase for reading on the bus, or loaded onto your ebook reader?)

What's the name of the book you're looking forward to reading next?

Finally, is there an online site you turn to on a regular basis for fiction?

I'll start things off.

Most recently read: The Dragon Masters, by Jack Vance. A lightweight but fast-paced and fun adventure.

Currently reading: All the Myriad Ways, by Larry Niven. From 1971, proof that even Larry Niven was once a young and geeky writer who didn't really have a handle on what he was doing.

Looking forward to: Gorgon: Paleontology, Obsession, and the Greatest Catastrophe in Earth's History, by Peter D. Ward.

Online reading: none. I've discovered I can't stand to read fiction online.

Your turn.
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