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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Epublishing Update (sort of)

Otogu has been demanding a lot of sacrifices lately, leaving me little time to write much of anything, including updates on the epublishing project. On March 7 I announced my plans to epublish one of my children's stories. I had planned to report my progress, discuss formatting tools, etc, in the following couple of weeks. It's been nearly three months and I still haven't epublished. What's going on? The same that's been going on for two and a half months.

The story is stuck in illustration limbo. Instead of turning out the illustrations in one week as promised, the artist has offered up a host of excuses and hasn't bothered to respond to my most recent email. As this guy is a friend who I've gone well out of my way to assist for the last several years, I am angry at how this is turning out. The one time I ask for something from him -- something I've paid for, no less -- he's failed utterly to live up to his end of the deal. Considering I offered the job to him because I knew he could use the money. I'm doubly upset. Worst of all, I broke the cardinal rule of working with artists and paid him in advance because he was flat broke at the time. If he'd only done the job on schedule, I'd have been happy to recommend him to any of the rest of you who needed artwork for an epublishing job. There's no way I can recommend him now.

Next time, I'm using Vidad.
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