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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Friday Challenge — 5/27/2011

This week in The Friday Challenge:

Guy Stewart relates a string of effective techniques for pestering editors into submission. • Join the discussion...

Henry Vogel shares an essential snippet of business acumen, and promises Vidad a commission. • Join the discussion...

-=ad=- picks a fight... er, invites the rest of us to pick a fight. • Join the discussion...

xdpaul is too subtle for his own good. • Join the discussion...

Arisia meets Kersley Fitzgerald, Waterboy, Lady Quill and -=ad=-... and has the photos to prove it. • Join the discussion...

xdpaul wins the What’s Luck Got To Do With It? challenge, by being lucky spinning prose that is simply beautiful, and meeting the challenge. • Join the discussion...

All this and more, as M's daughter talks him out of a whole pocketful of change on Lucky Penny Day, the shattering of an appropriately impressive glass ceiling is observed on Sally Ride Day, and the inmates discuss the view from their respective places in the asylum.

Props for Props

As of the deadline for our current challenge, we have received the following entries (listed in their order of appearance within Files > Friday Challenge 2011 05 27):

  • “Plague of Witches” by Ryan J

  • “The Applause of Applesauce ” by xdpaul

An enthusiastic "Huzzah" to all who have entered! The judges are now considering your submissions. A winner will be declared by the evening of Sunday, 29 May 2011.

That's Infotainment!

And now it is time for this week's Friday Challenge, courtesy of xdpaul:

The venerable Henry ran with a wonderful commentary on the nature of entertainment in the future in a recent post.

We also had a vorpal discussion of fantastic fights, and how the really great ones contribute more than action: they deliver key stories, too.

This week's challenge draws its inspiration from both:

That's Infotainment!

First, Develop, for any genre, any setting, the (hard) rules for a new game or the parameters of a new entertainment. This can be in any format, as long as it is as specific and detailed, as, say, the rules to Hi-Ho Cherry-O (or any other boxed game - i.e. enough that, in theory, it could be recreated, given the resources - even if said resources are literally unattainable.)

Then, write out a very brief fictional discription of a pivotal move, choice or moment as it might occur in that game or entertainment.

To put it another way: write the "rules" for an unknown game or entertainment, then a brief scene that demonstrates how the game or entertainment can advance a plot point.

You may identify the genre if you like, and there is no word limit, low or high.

Anyone can enter, except for xdpaul. You may enter as many times as you wish, but each entry must be independent of the others. There is no length limit this time, but you are still not allowed to build on anyone else's setup.

Everyone is asked to vote, and to say a few words about what they liked, and why. Or to say a few words about what they disliked, as the case may be; by submitting an entry, you implicitly agree to accept criticism, because there will probably be some handed out, and no one is immune. When voting, please rank a work as either “0” (not so good), “1” (not as bad), “2” (could have been better) or “3” (pretty good stuff!). If you give either a “0” or “3” vote, feel free to argue in support of your reasoning.

Don't like the negativity? Feel free to think of the levels as “0” (Not bad for a first attempt), “1” (Right on!), “2” (Holy cow, I wanna buy this now...) or “3” (Sweet mother of God, how did you write something this awesome?!!). The point is to clearly differentiate, and rank according to your own preference.

For the purposes of this challenge xdpaul will be serving as Ye Olde High Marker, Voluntarily Walking th' Plank.

As of now, we are playing by the loosely enforced and slightly modified rules of The Friday Challenge. All entries are due by 6 AM Eastern time on the morning of Friday, 3 June May 2011. A winner will be declared by the evening of Sunday, 5 June 2011.

Oh, there is one more thing... but it is the most important! Have fun. Always have fun.
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