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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flash Fiction Advisory

Sometimes, fourth place pays cash.

Some time ago, Friday Challenge was brought back - well, not from the dead - but off serious life support, in spectacular fashion. Dozens of entries were made under the new system of combat. The charge?

To make an editor turn the page after 120 words. I, like many others, put my best foot forward, and, like 23 other entries or so, it wasn't enough to win.

I thought I had a good start to a story of 2000-3000 words, so I went forward with it.

It didn't take. I went back to my start, had flash on the brain, and tied the thing off in less than 200 words.

Brain Harvest Magazine liked it enough to pay me cold, hard Washingtons.

And in my house, it is all about the Washingtons.

Flash Fic Advisory #15: In the marketplace of ideas, a Friday Challenge loser smells like victory. And also cash.
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