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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Open Mic Saturday

Good morning all, and welcome to Open Mic Saturday. This is the place to share your news and perhaps do a little bragging. If you're writing a novel: how much progress did you make this week? If you're writing short stories: did you finish anything or submit anything this week? If you've sold or published anything recently, when is it coming out and where can we find it? In short, as a writer, what kind of progress did you make this week?

Or what else is on your mind, that you feel like sharing with the group here?

~brb adds: Looks like we're having problems Disqus again this morning. If you've got anything you're really eager to share, like the following post from Guy Stewart, you might also want to email it to the slushpile email address as a backup.

Guy Stewart writes:

My first REAL novel, INVADER'S GUILT has been searching for a home for a few years now. I loved the world and so I wrote a short story in the place. I sent the story out for a bit...and then all of a sudden a small market called CAST OF WONDERS bit and it sold. Well, the PODCAST of the story is up now at the link below. You can listen to it if you'd like, but I actually wrote it for young adults. If you could steer your kids toward it, I'd be REAL interested in hearing any comments they have...

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