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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deadline Reminder ... and an “And the winner is...” update!

The deadline for the current Friday Challenge — The Tellurian Shower — is 6 AM Eastern time on the morning of Friday, 2 December 2011... less than twenty-four hours away.

Entries may be added to The Friday Challenge Yahoo Group (see the appropriate directory within the "Files" section), hosted on your personal blog(s) and linked within the comments for the challenge, or copied directly into the comments section as a post.

In previous challenges, we have accommodated late entries. This time, we have no such luxury; if you post an entry much later than 6 AM Eastern time, there is a chance the judges will not be able to properly consider your work. Should you anticipate a need to snowdog, please mentally back the deadline up as much as necessary. If the deadline hits and you are very, very close, please publicly announce your intention to enter.

A winner will be declared by the evening of Sunday, 4 December 2011.

M: Oops! I knew I was forgetting something, last night. Thanks to ~brb for covering this morning!

I had hoped a few folks would offer feedback for Jack Calverley's entry in the Where There's a Will challenge, but at this point it's best to simply admit that iambic pentameter is not generally our strongest suit, and the challenge — although well conceived — left a lot of us feeling slightly puzzled about how best to form an approach.

Here are the official judge's comments, from Tyler Tork:

I thought Jack's submission was very much in the spirit of my suggestion, and was artfully done. On reflection, I'm sorry I asked for 400 words, because I tried a little of that myself and it's hard! So I'm impressed that he stuck with it, and gave us a nice steam-themed entry with a good conflict of luddite sentiment from the existing power base. I'd probably try to condense it a little for a modern audience.

Congratulations, Jack Calverley! You get all the points. In the absence of anyone stating opposition to the result, that's an uncontested 30 point spread (also unrestricted, since there were no other challengers), combined with implicit “3” votes from every one of the regulars who would have voted, had they not still been in a turkey-induced comatose state.
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