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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stupefying Stories Year-End Roundup: 2011

During 2011, STUPEFYING STORIES published twenty-seven stories and two poems. Which were your favorites, and why? Considering the contents of our first three issues, are there any contributors from whom you would particularly like to see a return appearance?

1.1 - October 2011

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  • “Ode” (poem) by Amy E. Helfritz
  • “The Window” by David Yener Goodman
  • “The Deported” by Vox Day
  • “Picky” by Anatoly Belilovsky
  • “The Cursed Wail” by Caileigh Marshall
  • “S&M Vampire Grrlz: The Movie” by Chris Bailey Pearce
  • “Quill” by Allan Davis, Jr.
  • “Revival” by Daniel Eness
  • “Dave’s Fright” (poem) by Kersley Fitzgerald
  • “Other Sister” by Rich Matrunick
  • “Return to Earth” by Ryan M. Jones

1.2 - November 2011

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  • “First Impressions” by Aaron Bradford Starr
  • “The Bamboo Garden” by Clare L. Deming
  • “Home Security” by Gary McKenzie
  • “Borrowed Feathers” by Sarah Frost
  • “If This Be Magic” by Anatoly Belilovsky
  • “The Oily” by E. A. Black
  • “In Fall, After the Harvest” by S. Travis Brown
  • “The King of Ash and Bones” by Rebecca Roland
  • “Watch This!” by Henry Vogel

1.3 - December 2011

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  • “Oogie Tucker’s Mission” by Gary Cuba
  • “Highly Unlikely” by Ron Lunde
  • “The Cowrie” by Tyler Tork
  • “Snow Blind” by Trent Zelazny
  • “Sennacherib” by David Landrum
  • “The Strange Machinery of Desire” by Justin A. Williams
  • “Secret Santa” by Kersley Fitzgerald
  • “Seven Minutes to Bangor” by Aaron Bradford Starr
  • “The Consolidated Brotherhood of Truly Bearded Santas” by Bill Ferris
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