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Sunday, June 7, 2009

A small appetizer for thought

From a little book that's actually much better than you're probably inclined to believe it is, The Secret Power Within: Zen Solutions to Real Problems, by Chuck Norris.

Yes, that Chuck Norris.
I first met Bruce Lee in 1968 at Madison Square Garden, where I was fighting for the World Middleweight Karate Championships. I won, but not without taking a beating of my own. As I was leaving the stadium, Bruce came over to introduce himself and congratulate me. I knew of him, had seen him put on a terrific demonstration at the Long Beach Internationals a couple of years earlier, and I had also seen him on the Green Hornet television series.

We got to talking, found out we were staying in the same hotel, and kept each other company as we walked back together. It was nearly midnight when we arrived at the hotel, but neither of us made it to bed that night. Instead, we worked out together in a hallway of the hotel, exchanging techniques until seven in the morning.

Now, I want you to envision this. It's 1968. You're in New York on business, staying at a hotel near Madison Square Garden. You're trying to get some badly needed sleep before a big meeting in the morning, but it sounds like there's a couple of crazed bull elephants having a rampage out in the hall. About 3 A.M. you finally lose it and tear open the door to your room, fully intending to give someone a major piece of your mind—and there in the hallway are Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, duking it out.

What do you say? What do you do?
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