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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today in The Friday Challenge

Here's a first: three posts in one morning. In the interests of making sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle, then, herewith our first daily roundup.

Kersley Fitzgerald proposes dusting off the operating table, cleaning the cobwebs off the electrodes, and reanimating the story morgue. How about it? Do you have a story you'd like to submit to the group for comments? Join the discussion...

Henry Vogel reminds us that the deadline for the current Friday Challenge, Postcards With an Edge, is midnight tonight. C'mon, it's only four postcards! You can do it! Join the discussion...

Bruce Bethke finally gets around to posting the judges' comments and verdict for the 7/30/10 Friday Challenge, The Rabbi, the Nun, the Talking Dog, and Everything, although he does so with considerable misgivings. Join the discussion...

Wow! Three posts in one morning! Three times the value for your hard-earned click-through! That's us; always delivering more than you bargained for, here at: THE FRIDAY CHALLENGE!
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