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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ultimate Geek Fu

Well, here we are, winding down into late August again. Another summer has come and gone, and with it, another crop of summer blockbuster movies. The obvious question is: which was the best one?

The Kid votes for Iron Man 2. Daughter #3 recommends Scott Pilgrim vs The World, but her strong second choice is Inception. I really enjoyed The A Team, although until we got into this discussion over dinner last night I'd forgotten that I'd watched it, and The Other Guys also got some support from some members of the dinner party, although I'll never see it, because watching Will Ferrell makes me break out in hives. I have a slight desire to extend the definition of "summer" back to April, in order to include Clash of The Titans for consideration, but that led to someone else's suggesting that the definition be pushed back to March, to include some other movie whose name I've already forgotten.

I think The Expendables may stake the claim for being the movie of this summer: it's big, long, loud, stupid, and extremely—almost surrealistically—violent, but on the other hand, it's also aware of exactly what it is, and does have a distinctly Rio Bravo quality to it. E.g., the Last Ride of the Fat Old Guys, getting on their horses and coming out of retirement one more time to show the kids just exactly how it's done.

As for the Golden Turkeys of Summer 2010: there are so many in consideration that perhaps we should save this topic for next week—or should we just do it now and get it out of our collective systems? Jonah Hex? Grown Ups? The Sorceror's Apprentice? Kick Ass? MacGruber? (Although I think any movie based on an SNL skit has an unfair advantage in this area.) The Last Airbiscuitbender? Did anyone even see Prince of Persia?

Let the arguments begin.

ULTIMAGE GEEK FU runs every Wednesday. Have a question that's just bugging the heck out of you about Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Gallactica, Farscape, Firefly, Fringe, Heroes, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Smallville, The X-Files, X-Men, The Man From Atlantis, or pretty much any other SF-flavored media property? Better yet, have you got an idea for a UGF challenge you'd like to see? Send it to slushpile@thefridaychallenge.com with the subject line, "Geek Fu," and we'll stuff it in the queue.
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