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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deadline Reminder

The deadline for the current greater Friday Challenge, "Read Me a Story", is two weeks from tonight, on September 23, at midnight, Central time.

The is no lesser Friday Challenge at this time, but you can expect a new one tomorrow.

For those unfamiliar with the Friday Challenges, lesser challenges run for one week. Entries can be of any length, though are generally less than 1000 words. That is most definitely not a rule or requirement. If your muse instructs you to write far more than 1000 words, write on! Greater challenges run for three weeks. Again, entries may be of any length, but are generally longer than 1000 words. Again, that is not a rule or requirement.

Also, remember you can post to the Friday Challenge Drop if you want to enter but don't want your entry available to everyone in the world with internet access. The password is "challenge" to login as a guest.
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