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Sunday, November 27, 2011

And the winner is...

... going to be announced sometime tomorrow! (Still waiting on the official judge's report, and I'm about to crash for the night.)

Okay, realistically we all know that Jack Calverley won. His was the only valid entry, after all... but lest we forget why we are doing this: The Friday Challenge isn't necessarily about winning, or losing, or even how your own entry scores in relation to all the others (when there are others, that is). The Friday Challenge is about helping you to become a better writer, and hone your craft, and learn to give and receive criticism so that you will be better prepared to boldly send your work into the world.

Even on the occasions when someone wins by default, there are still lessons to be learned... for you, for the individual brave enough to enter the challenge, and yes, even for those of us entrusted with keys to the madhouse.

If you have not yet weighed in, please take a moment and read Jack's entry. Tell us how you think he did with “The First Age of Steame,” in our Where There's a Will challenge.
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