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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Friday Challenge — 11/18/2011

This week in The Friday Challenge:

Bruce Bethke continues the “Slushpile Survival Guide,” and guess what? There really are reasons for all those submission guidelines (especially Rule 86!). • Join the discussion...

Bruce Bethke presents 2011: The Year in ReFu, which is, by all accounts, a long-established tradition in these parts. Really, it is. Take our word for it. • Join the discussion...

Somebody forgets to post any other content this week! We're not pointing any fingers... but you know that article you said you were writing? You're welcome. • Join the discussion...

Tyler Tork wins our Ambrosia Manna Gruel challenge, by picking pomegranates to pieces. • Join the discussion...

All this and more, as between Sadie Hawkins Day and National Adoption Day lots of single fellahs find themselves family men, and the inmates discuss the view from their respective places in the asylum.

Limbo! (a.k.a., "How Low Can You Go?")

As of this morning, we have received the following entries for our current challenge:

An enthusiastic “Huzzah” to all who have entered! The judges are considering your submissions, and a winner will be declared by the evening of Sunday, 13 November 2011.

Where There's a Will...

And now it is time for this week's Friday Challenge, courtesy of Tyler Tork:

If you ask people to name a great writer, you're likely to hear one name a lot: William Shakespeare. Old Bill did a lot of cool stuff, and he was very versatile. Comedy, tragedy, nihilism — oh wait, that was some other guy. But anyway, one thing a lot of his work has in common is that it was written in iambic pentameter, generally unrhymed. Your challenge for this week is to emulate Mr. S. and write a scene of some dialogue in iambic pentameter. Include stage directions and brief descriptions of the characters if you like, but there should be at least 400 words of actual dialogue. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us wonder — whatever — but do it in the classic meter. Rhyme or not, as you choose and as suits your theme.

Anyone can enter, except for Tyler Tork. You may enter as many times as you wish, but each entry must be independent of the others, and you may not build on anyone else's work.

Everyone is asked to vote, and to say a few words about what they liked, and why. Or to say a few words about what they disliked, as the case may be; by submitting an entry, you implicitly agree to accept criticism, because there will probably be some handed out, and no one is immune. When voting, please rank a work as either “0” (not so good), “1” (not as bad), “2” (could have been better) or “3” (pretty good stuff!). If you give either a “0” or “3” vote, feel free to argue in support of your reasoning.

Don't like the negativity? Feel free to think of the levels as “0” (Not bad for a first attempt), “1” (Right on!), “2” (Holy cow, I wanna buy this now...) or “3” (Sweet mother of God, how did you write something this awesome?!!). The point is to clearly differentiate, and rank according to your own preference.

For the purposes of this challenge, Tyler Tork will be serving as Ye Olde High Marker, Voluntarily Walking th' Plank.

As of now, we are playing by the loosely enforced and slightly modified rules of The Friday Challenge. All entries are due by 6 AM Eastern time on the morning of Friday, 25 November 2011. A winner will be declared by the evening of Sunday, 27 November 2011.

Oh, there is one more thing... but it is the most important! Have fun. Always have fun.
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