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Sunday, April 19, 2009

And the winner is...

...going to be announced at the end. So, if you can't wait, skip to the bottom. I'm also going to take this opportunity to announce an additional prize for this challenge. Along with the prize Bruce is going to send, I'm going to also send a copy of a comic book I've written to the four of you who entered. Send your mailing address to Bruce using the email address behind Door #3. Bruce, could you please forward those to me so I can send the extra prize? Oh, and the winner should select from behind Door #3 as usual.

Tom - You wrote a good comic book plot and used one of the formats I described in my comic book columns! I could picture the panels as I read your plot. One thing I think you'll find if you attempt to draw the story is that you don't have 28 pages worth of material in the plot. You could spread it out to 28 pages if some of your pages have only a few panels. After writing a few issues of a comic book, you'll get the hang of planning enough story to fill your pages without padding. In general, I think it would be better to put in too much story to begin with, as the story can always be pared down. But the bottom line is that you're on the right track and wrote a very good plot.

Snowdog - When I first read the title to your story, I read ElectroChick. I was confused for the first couple of paragraphs before I read the title again. As with everyone else, when I read "Electrohick" I was wondering if it was a joke or not. I came down on the side of joke. I love the idea of a guy who thinks his power is to turn electrical devices against himself. Wacky and fun, though I can't help wondering what ElectroChick's story would have been! (Call this your "more cowbell" moment.) Nicely done.

Al - I have often thought that earthly immortality would be more of a curse than a blessing. After two or three lifetimes of watching those you love age and die, I can only believe the sense of isolation would begin to drive you mad. You've found a purpose for your immortal character, a purpose that I think would be interesting to follow through several stories. Your story left me thinking, which is high praise.

KTown - Who wouldn't want to be able to levitate? I certainly wouldn't find heights quite so intimidating (okay, terrifying) if I could levitate. There were several things I really liked about your story. First, the guy had to figure out how his power worked. That's something most comic book stories (mine included) simply skip. Second, he managed to work out a way to sort of, kind of, more or less fly. Third, your "save the day" moment was handled in the same low key manner as the rest of the story. Finally, you carefully considered the limitations to Gil's power and showed how he worked to overcome them.

This is the point where I have to actually make a decision and it's a tough one. In the end, I'm going to go with KTown edging out Tom and Al at the wire. Great job, everybody! KTown, come on down and select your prize! And to the rest of you, don't forget to send your mailing address to Bruce so he can forward them on to me!
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