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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Friday Challenge - 4/10/09

One last thought regarding music. Classical piano lessons starting at age 7. Six years of studying composition and theory in university. Two and a half years of developing electronic music hardware and software.

Vs. more than one million page views in one month. More than four thousand ratings, more than three thousand comments, rated four and a half stars. "Favorited" more than eleven thousand times.


"I'm On a Boat"

WARNING! This music video is not work safe. Or child safe. Or parent safe. Or anybody safe, for that matter. Turn the volume way down. Better yet, don't even watch it at all.

Well, okay. You have been warned.

Turning now to the 4/3/09 Friday Challenge, as of the deadline we've received the following entries.

Torainfor, untitled
Henry, "Writing What You Know"
Snowdog, "Wanna Be An Idol (Sucking Up To Simon)"
Tom, "Melting Away"
Arisia, "Tornado at Work"
Jamsco, "Two In Cold Water"

As always, even if you haven't posted an entry this week you're invited to read, comment on, and vote for your favorites, with the winner to be announced on Sunday.

For today's Friday Challenge, I now turn the microphone over to Henry.

Hi everybody. I've spent the last two months writing regularly about writing comic books. It's time to see who's been paying attention! No, I'm not going to require you to write a comic book plot or a full comic book script, though you're certainly welcome to use that approach. A short story will be just fine.

Here's the challenge: write about someone who has a super power of some kind, but who also lives in our current world. In other words, after your character gets bitten by a radioactive critter (or however they get their power) your character is not going to suddenly find him- or herself in a world filled with super villains.

So, what does your character do with his or her super powers?

For example, let's say your character has vast telepathic powers. Will he become the most feared political interviewer in the world? Or will he set out to become the greatest Jeopardy champion of all time? It's up to you how you choose to do this. We will keep the standard superhero trope of the secret identity. In other words, your character must try to keep his or her power secret.

Make up any super powers you want. Combine as many as you like. If you feel like writing an "origin" for the powers, take any approach you want. (Hint: the traditional approach is some kind of accident involving radioactive elements, a mutation, or a gift from a powerful alien race.)

To make this challenge more interesting, we're playing for a bound page proof copy of the graphic novel, Into the Volcano, a really good looking and well-reviewed book for children in the 9 to 13 age range by Caldecott award-winner Don Wood -- or the usual choice of something from behind Door #3. The deadline is midnight Central time, Thursday, April 16.

So, ready? Then begin! "A strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth as an infant, crash-landed in a toxic waste dump, and upon crawling out of the wreckage was immediately bitten by radioactive mutant caribou, Friday Challenge Man..."
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