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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Open Mic Saturday

G'morning all, and welcome to Open Mic Saturday. This is the place to share your news and perhaps do a little bragging. If you're writing a novel: how much progress did you make this week? If you're writing short stories: did you finish anything or submit anything this week? If you've sold or published anything recently: when is it coming out and where can we find it? In short, as a writer, what kind of progress did you make this week?

Or what else is on your mind, that you feel like discussing with the group here?

This deserves to get bumped to the front. Rhon writes:
I ran across an interesting writing challenge this morning but I didn't know if The Friday Challenge group would be interested or where to post it on the blog. [...]

Neil Gaiman writes about collaborating on the book, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, and how he got involved. He wrote stories to go with some of the photos during the shoot and they're included in the book. They have several photos that didn't make it into the book. The challenge is to write stories to go with them or, shoot your own photos and write a story. The best will get some "stuff":
"The creators of the best photos and stories will get some cool STUFF — we’re not sure exactly what yet, but I’ll wager it will include some photography, some music, some books, and some things that Neil Gaiman has scribbled all over."
It doesn't appear to have a deadline right now but I'm sure they will remedy that soon.
Okay folks, so Neil Gaiman is looking for stories to go with his photos? This is what you've been training for. Go clean 'em out!
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