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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Open Mic Saturday

Saturday Morning, 6 a.m.

In the soft gray and pink of false dawn, Spring slinks back into the north country. There is a light frost on the grass in the cow pasture and a thin skin of ice on the water in a misremembered bucket, but the air is full of bird song. The robins are back. The ducks are back. The geese are back. In the pond, the herons and snowy egrets are back. Dead brown leaves still cling to some of the more conservative red oaks, but the lusty liberal maples are bursting with buds and dripping with sap, and in the front yard red tongues of tulip sprouts are thrusting up through the dirty yellow carpet of last Fall's dead grass.

G'morning all, and welcome to Open Mic Saturday. This is the place to share your news and perhaps do a little bragging. If you're writing a novel: how much progress did you make this week? If you're writing short stories: did you finish anything or submit anything this week? If you've sold or published anything recently: when is it coming out and where can we find it? In short, as a writer, what kind of progress did you make this week?

Or what else is on your mind, that you feel like discussing with the group here?
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