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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flash Fiction Advisory

Spill the Ink

It may seem a waste of time to sketch a “never-to-be-read” backstory for a super short work, but it is a good way to create a solvable mystery.

A mystery left unanswered in a story may have a non-evident, but real, resolution.

I very much doubt that Frank Stockton had to resolve for himself the answer to “The Lady or the Tiger?” but Emily Bronte probably knew whether Heathcliff was an actual murderer or not.

For flash, try being Bronte.

Figure out exactly what is going in the world before, during and after the actual story’s events.

Flash Fic Advisory #7: Put time into the backstory.

Note: Here's an example of a tiny story I wrote based on a massive backstory. Can you deduce any details from the evidence of what is "seen?"
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