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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

World Enough, and Time

(First, a quick side note.  Has anyone ever heard of the book The Artist's Way?  It's all about knocking down the walls between you and your creativity.  

I just wanted to let everyone know that she-who-must-be-obeyed, LadyQuill herself, is running a twelve-week long email workshop group that follows the plans and exercises laid out in The Artist's Way.  If anyone would like to join, it just started yesterday; grab a copy of the book if you can, though it's not an absolute requirement, and join the Yahoo group "releasing_creativity".  Just tell her I sent you.  -=ad=-)

...how much do you need...?

This is more of a curiousity thing than anything else.

Some of my more...yes, I'll accept responsibility for my garbage, AWFUL...Friday Challenge entries were written after 11:30pm Thursday night and slapped into place just before the deadline (I'm thinking a Hillary Clinton--Marvin Martian mashup as one prime example).  

The best ones require a weekend of fermentation, while the Challenge idea simmers on low heat down at the base of my subconscious, and then six or seven hours of writing time, with an hour or two of editing and final revision Thursday night (this was the process for "Emissary" and "Recursive Stack Overflow," two of my favorites).

Nano proves I can write *something* in little three-minute bursts throughout the day, if that's what I need to do...but I much prefer an hour or two without a lot of distrations, and sometimes that hour is really hard to come by.

So, I'll keep this week's missive short and sweet, throw it out to the studio audience, and ask "how much time do you need to write what you write?"  A perfectly relevant side question would be "and at what part of the day?"


Allan Davis is a writer, photographer, programmer, husband, father, geek, and sf/fantasy/horror/comic/anime fan, hailing from the high cliffs and tidal pools of Nebraska.
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