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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ultimate Geek Fu

In this special Tuesday edition of Ultimate Geek Fu, we take a moment to remind readers that UGF was originally supposed to be about a broad range of geekcentric topics, and not merely about comic book-based movies. With that said, we'd like to direct your attention to this article, from the San Jose Mercury News, Apple rolls out cloud access for data, phones and iTunes, which appeared in the print edition of this morning's St. Paul Pioneer Press under the far more apt headline, Apple's Cloud Cult.

As an escapee from it; yes, Appleism is a cult—but never mind that now. It appears that with the release of Lion, Apple has embraced a bold new philosophy: "All your data are belong to us."

Question for discussion: is this a good or bad thing?

Let the arguments begin.
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