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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flash Fiction Advisory

Write for speed. Hopefully.

Stuck? Here's an exercise in flash: write 100 words, as fast as you can.

Now, go back and highlight any phrases that make sense.

Hopefully, you'll find three. Now, circle the words you like.

Hopefully, you'll find three. Now, find a character.

Hopefully, you'll find one.

Rewrite it as a story, using only those little brain grenades that did the most literary damage.

Now, what do you have?

A good start on a fiction idea, with a few key images that will add depth that you would have otherwise missed when trying to crank out an orderly, plausible story.


Flash Fic Advisory #10: If you can't write good, write fast.

Note: I've been trying this lately, getting interesting results. I invite anyone else's experience with this. The first part takes less than 60 seconds if you push it and don't worry about spelling errrors. 90 if you are pokey.
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