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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Friday Challenge - 3/16/2012

Ah, and sure'n if it isn't nearly Saint Patrick's Day, which here in Minnesota we celebrate by blocking off the streets for parades, filling our slow-cookers with corned beef and cabbage, and filling the bars with drunken Swedes and Norwegians claiming to be Irish for a day! Personally if I were to acknowledge the very tiny bit of Irish ancestry in my family tree I'd be wearing orange, but people look at you funny when you do that, so let's just move right along to this week's Friday Challenge:

My Favorite St. Patrick's Day Story

That's what we want from you now. Tell us your funniest, strangest, most appealing or most appalling St. Patrick's Day-related anecdote! Tell us about that unforgettable party where you first met your beautiful blushing red-headed bride-to-be, or tell us about that time in Boston when you got so drunk on green beer you vomited in Technicolor! If you don't actually have a favorite St. Patrick's Day story to tell, that's okay, too. Tell us about that magical morning you woke to find your lawn filled with shamrocks and fairies, or the time you had to call Orkin to trap those pesky leprechauns infesting your garage! Remember, it's St. Patrick's Day! So kiss, lick, or snort scrapings from the Blarney Stone as suits your tastes, and tell us a real whopper!

Since folks have been rather quiet on the subject of the Friday Challenge Yahoo! file sharing site, I'd like to propose an experiment. This week, instead of putting your stories into the Yahoo! file repository, I'd like you to either post them in the Comments on this post (if they'll fit), or else post them on your own blog or website and post a link here. If you've written a tale that's too long to post in the Comments and don't have your own blog or website (or would rather that your regular blog readers never saw your epic tale of drunken debauchery), then contact me at slushpile@thefridaychallenge.com, and we'll figure out something.

And then let's all meet back here next Friday, to talk about the results.

The 3/9/12 Friday Challenge
Speaking of results, given the peculiar nature of the 3/9/12 Friday Challenge, I, The Jury, there doesn't seem much point in summarizing the entries here. Instead, you'll find them all over in the Comments on the 3/9/12 Friday Challenge post. Review, consider, debate, add your own comments; the luck of the Irish and green beer willing, we'll be announcing a winner on Sunday.

This week in The Friday Challenge...
We've had a surprisingly active week here in the FC, for a pleasant change.

Kersley Fitzgerald continues her discussion of the philosophy of ethics in Critical Thinking, and also provides some insight into the wisdom of letting your dog eat peanuts. Join the discussion...

Ultimate Geek Fu yields its space to Henry Vogel this week, who reviews Disney's John Carter (not "Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter?"), and spawns a delightfully active debate. Join the discussion...

After long hiatus, The Slushpile Survival Guide returns, with a few words of advice about cover letters. Join the discussion...

Nicholas Whitley is declared the winner in the long-delayed 2/17/12 Friday Challenge, "And now for something completely different..." Join the discussion...

Anatoly Belilovsky shares publication news, M talks about Hugo Award voting, and the inmates share their views from their respective places inside the asylum, in Open Mic Saturday. Join the discussion...

All this and more, this week in: THE FRIDAY CHALLENGE!
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