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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Friday Challenge - 10/15/10

And once again, it's time for the [somethingth] Annual Friday Challenge Halloween Story Contest! This time around we're looking for creepy, unsettling stories—we've had quite enough blood and guts lately, thank you. This is a Greater Challenge, so the deadline is midnight Thursday, October 29th.

More details to follow as we get our respective acts together.

This Week in The Friday Challenge
The great Story-a-Day experiment is continuing brilliantly. Thank you! Rather than tout any individual story, I'll just stay: scroll down. There are five great new stories here just waiting to be read and commented on, and more in the pipeline. Again, a big "THANK YOU!" to everyone who has jumped in to contribute their time and effort this experiment, and a special thank you to Kersley Fitzgerald for thinking of it and organizing it in the first place!

Speaking of Kersley, her column this week, "Critical Thinking: The Writer's Co-op", warrants further attention. Please join in the discussion...

In other news...
Sorry, but we (collectively) have been pretty swamped. We still haven't called a winner in the 10/1/10 Challenge, "Before and After," and we haven't even looked to see if there are any entries in the 10/8/10 Challenge, "Save the Words! Write a Story!"

Which, if you are of a certain devious turn of mind, could be interpreted to mean that if you were thinking about snowdogging in an entry for the 9/24/10 Challenge, "Write the Winner" — well, we probably wouldn't notice that it was two weeks past deadline, either.

More to follow....
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